Cellulite, along with acne and stretch marks, are the most common problems of the skin. It is best to treat it as early as possible.

What is Cellulite?

This term refers to the dimple appearance of the skin. Fat deposits cause cellulite to become lumpy, pushing and distorting the connective tissues beneath skin. Skin thickness, gender, the amount, distribution of body fat, and age can influence the extent to which cellulite is present or visible.

Exfoliating has always been an important step in all skin care treatment. Exfoliants, or abrasives, are compounds able to easily scrub off the top layer of dead skin cells. This leaves the skin smoother, so that it is fresher and has fewer wrinkles. Exfoliation promotes blood circulation in the skin and increases the turnover of surface skin cells, which are essential for healthy skin.

To get all of the benefits listed above, it is important to scrub your problem areas, as well as the rest of your body, to help stimulate your skin and make it ready for your next treatment, such as applying a moisturizer, cream, mask, etc.

Although body scrubs are not invasive by nature, individuals with injured skin should not use them.