How to Apply the Hongosan Anti Fungal Set

The Hongosan Anti Fungal Set is your first line of defense against fungal infections. We are going to show you the Hongosan Anti Fungal Set Application.

How to Use the Hongosan Anti Fungal Set

First, you need to thoroughly wash the area that has the fungal infection with the Hongosan Anti-Fungal Soap. Make sure that the area is completely dry before continuing.

Next, apply the Hongosan Anti Fungal Drops. Apply three drops to the affected area, focusing on the cuticle and the area below the tip for any nails that you are treating. In addition, apply a few drops to dampen the skin surrounding the nail. Wait five minutes, keeping the region clear while you wait.

Once the five minutes have passed, wash the liquid off using clear water, and completely dry. Then, apply a moderate layer of the Hongosan Anti-Fungal Cream. Wait until the skin has absorbed the cream, being especially careful to keep the region clear of any contaminants.

Repeat the process daily, until the infection is gone. Continue to use the Hongosan Anti Fungal Set for three weeks after all signs disappear. This is important, because the fungal infection is just dormant under the surface and can return without proper care.

During treatment, if you are treating a foot fungus, it is important to change your socks frequently and wear open, airy shoes. Furthermore, avoid touching other people with the infected skin. This is important, because fungal infections spread through direct contact.

Additional Links

If you need refills of the Hongosan Anti Fungal Drops, the Hongosan Anti Fungal Soap, or the Hongosan Anti Fungal Cream, individual versions of the item are available for sale.

In addition, we offer the Hongosan Anti Fungal Nail Brush, designed for easy application on the nail. Similarly, the Hongosan Anti Fungal Spray, for easy application on larger areas, is also available.

Product Safety

The Hongosan Anti Fungal Set is meant for external use only. Keep it clear of the eyes, mouth, and any other openings in the body, as well as from cuts and wounds.