Hongosan Anti Fungal Spray

Hongosan Anti Fungal Spray


Hongosan Anti Fungal Spray treats most types of foot fungus, and relieves itching and burning caused by Fungal infection.

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Hongosan Anti Fungal Spray is a highly effective anti-fungal nail treatment. This anti fungal spray restores healthy nail appearance, normalize thickened nails, and reduce nail discoloration. In addition, it relieves symptoms of Athlete’s Foot, including cracking, itching and burning skin caused by fungal infections. Hongosan Anti Fungal solution also disinfects your skin, and prevents fungus from growing on the skin and around the nails, leaving skin looking visibly healthier, softer and smoother.

Product Safety

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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Works best when used with the Hongosan Anti Fungal Cream and the Hongosan Anti Fungal Soap.

Active ingredient: Tolnaftate 1% Inactive Ingredient: Mineral Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Natural Ingredients.